all screenings at Alexandra Baptist Church, 6 Gregg Street ALEXANDRA

JUST MERCY // 7pm Sunday 09 August

A thought-provoking true story, Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) is a civil rights lawyer fighting the American judicial system to defend those wrongfully accused.  Taking up the case of death-row inmate Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), Stevenson tackles racial prejudice head-on as he fights for justice.

125 minutes  /  M  /  contains coarse language

DESPICABLE ME // 3pm Sunday 16 August

Supervillian Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) is famous for his audacious heists.  Unfortunately he's being overshadowed by Vector (Jason Segel), a younger and more exciting villian.  Supported by his army of minions, Gru decides to steal the moon in an attempt to prove his evilness.  Gru adopts three little orphaned girls to help him in his plan, but ends up getting much more than he bargained for!

90 minutes  /  PG  /  contains low-level violence

SUMMER IN THE FOREST // 7pm Sunday 23 August

Like countless others Philippe, Michel, Andre and Patrick were labeled 'idiots', locked away and forgotten in mental asylums.  But in 1964 a young philosopher called Jean Vanier took a stand and secured their release.  Together they created L'Arche, a commune at the edge of a beautiful forest near Paris.  A quiet revolution was born.

This inspiring documentary presents the L'Arche movement, an international organization valuing and caring for people with intellectual disabilities.

70 minutes  /  PG

ON WINGS OF EAGLES // 7pm Sunday 30 August

Picking up where Chariots of Fire left off, this powerful film presents the life of gold medal runner Eric Liddell (Joseph Fiennes) and his time as a missionary in China.  As the events of World War II begin to unfold, Liddell ministers to the civilian victims despite being interred in a Japanese POW camp.  In conditions of incredible hardship, Liddell's example of patient endurance, love and selfless dedication to the needs of others leave a legacy of hope - one which continues to this day.

92 minutes  /  M  contains violence


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