Welcome to Alexandra Baptist Church

It is our confident belief that the Christian church is the hope of the world. Jesus Christ has promised His followers a life of freedom, fullness and freshness. And because of this truth, we are simply trying our best to live and love like Jesus. 

This means we worship with enthusiasm, regard the Bible as the inspired word of God and support local and international outreach. To help facilitate these goals we have a variety of groups, including youth, missions, men, music and home groups.

Under the ORANGE setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, ABC is offering a weekly Sunday MORNING Church service at 10AM.

We respectfully ask everyone attending Morning Church to look out for each other and practice good hygiene habits.  

Additionally, we encourage the wearing of Face Masks and Social Distancing where practical.

Thanks for your patience, prayers and support as together we navigate these changing circumstances.


6 Gregg Street


Otago, New Zealand


10AM  Sundays


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